Sharing ideas during the Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers Conference 2018-Video

Video / January 11, 2019 / Project number: 18-0341


(Music plays throughout the video)

(CIOR/CIOMR logo fades in and out.)

(The Chateau Frontenac is in the background, two red cannons are up front.)

(Soldiers from different countries walk down a street.)

(A rifle stands upright from the ground with a helmet resting on its stock. Soldiers from different countries stand at attention. Soldiers then march past.)

(Several Governor General’s Foot Guards band members play for the parade. Others snap to attention.)

(An artillery gun fires.)

(Officers are in a meeting, talking. Several flags from different countries sit in front of them. An officer writes notes.)

(Several soldiers are loading ammunition into handgun magazines. Then they fire at targets and later walk downrange to examine their shots.)

(A soldier speaks while presenting. An officer takes notes.)

(Someone writes notes in a notebook.)(Soldiers lie prone on range and are firing rifles.)

(Officers attend a presentation again.)

(Music changes. A starter pistol is fired. Soldiers start racing through an obstacle course.)  

(Male and female soldiers climb over chain-link ladders, jump over a hurdle, run across a balance beam. Other soldiers crawl under obstacles, climb over concrete walls, or jump into trenches.)

(A whistle is blown and soldiers wearing uniforms dive into a pool. Soldiers swim, racing down their lanes, climbing over and under obstacles in the water.)

(A lifeguard, microphone in hand, reads a sheet of paper out loud to people around the pool. A soldier reaches a teammate at the finish line.)

(Soldiers surround a building and one drops to a knee. Soldiers move to assist injured soldiers.  A soldier speaks into his radio.)

(A soldier examines a fake leg wound of a soldier on the ground, then dresses it.)

(Three soldiers high-five each other. A soldier presses a “start” button. Three soldiers walk into the woods. Other soldiers run through the forest, stopping to check a map with a compass.)

(Two soldiers carry a canoe to the water, get in, and push their boat from the bank with their paddles.)(The soldiers keep paddling down river. There is a forest on both riverbanks.)

(Fade to National Defence watermark, and then a Canada watermark.)



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