Historian describes traditional sabre used by the Lord Strathcona’s Horse-Video

Video / January 11, 2019 / Project number: 18-0260


Captain Philip Webster - Curator, Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians) Regimental Museum

This is a 1912-pattern British cavalry sabre. The sword itself is a perfect blend of technology and traditional sword-making techniques. What you have primarily to speak to that, is the pistol grip, which allows you to use your thumb to manipulate the weapon for twisting and turning and slashing.

Very comfortable, very easy to use and very easy to absorb a blow with. Primarily designed to go through the enemy with a stab but you could certainly slash with this. You could engage in combat on the ground with this and that kind of thing as well. This is one of the finest battle swords ever built, and terrifying to come up against. 



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