Exercise COMMON GROUND II 2019: Preparing strong, proud, and combat-ready leaders of tomorrow’s Canadian Army in Gagetown

Backgrounder / December 4, 2019 / Project number: 19-0318

Hosted by the Combat Training Centre’s Tactics School, Exercise COMMON GROUND II 2019 is the Army’s largest individual training event. This exercise represents a culmination of progressive, intensive, and realistic training to ensure the Army continually enhances its warfighting capabilities and lethality. This year’s event represents the fifth annual iteration of the exercise, and will take place at 5th Canadian Division Support Base Gagetown from November 12 to 26, 2019.

Conducting major individual training events such as Ex COMMON GROUND II 2019 is one of the ways the Army ensures its members are well trained and prepared to work as part of a larger Combined Arms Team on future operations. This exercise also gives many of our members their first comprehensive introduction to the Army’s Combined Arms Team, and how its various enabling capabilities and components are both integrated and function.


The Combat Training Centre is the Army’s individual training authority, and is composed of nine schools of learning, or Centres of Excellence, and a headquarters. While Exercise COMMON GROUND II 2019 primarily exists to validate the training for the Tactics School’s Combat Team Commander’s Course, other Centre’s of Excellence will also be contributing courses, including the Armour and Infantry schools. These courses include Squadron Sergeant Major Course, Company Sergeant Major Course, Advanced Sniper Course, and Infantry Officer Course. The goal of the Combat Team Commander Course is to prepare new and future sub-unit army commanders to lead a Combined Arms Team within a contemporary operating environment.

The Army, with the support of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), has brought together roughly 1000 personnel and equipment from all over Canada to produce a realistic tactical field training environment for course candidates on Exercise COMMON GROUND II 2019. Support units and staff from Gagetown include:

  •  The Tactics School (Combat Training Centre);
  •  The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery School (Combat Training Centre);
  •  The Royal Canadian Armoured Corps School (Combat Training Centre);
  •  The Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering (Combat Training Centre);
  •  The Infantry School (Combat Training Centre);
  •  C Squadron, Royal Canadian Dragoons;
  •  4 Engineer Support Regiment (5th Canadian Division);
  •  5 Signals Squadron (5th Canadian Division);
  •  Combat Training Centre Headquarters;
  •  1 Wing (RCAF) (Kingston, ON);
  •  403 Helicopter Operational Training Squadron (RCAF); and
  •  5th Canadian Division Support Base Gagetown.

Exercise COMMON GROUND II 2019 will also be supported by 2nd Canadian Division units from Valcartier (Quebec), including elements of 5 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group. These include contingents from:

  • 2nd Battalion Royal 22nd Regiment;
  • 5th Artillery Regiment;
  • 5 Combat Engineer Regiment;
  • 5 Field Ambulance; and
  • 5 Service Battalion.


Exercise COMMON GROUND II 2019, and the various courses that participate in this combined arms individual training event, provide invaluable training within the Army’s effort to ensure a strong, secure and engaged Canadian Armed Forces in the foreseeable future. We only have one standard. We train as we fight.

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