Canadian Army pipers and drummers at the 2018 International Military Pilgrimage-Video

Video / January 17, 2019 / Project number: 18-0248


(Pipers and drummers from the 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group from Petawawa, Ontario march with a contingent of Canadian soldiers through the streets of Lourdes, France.)

Sergeant Alan Buchanan: I’m Sergeant Alan Buchanan, the Pipe Major with the 2nd Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group from Petawawa, Ontario.

(Sgt Buchanan stands on a sidewalk. A river, Gave de Pau, flows behind him.)

Sgt Buchanan: We were supporting the Canadian contingent at the military festival in Lourdes in 2018.

It gives the Canadian contingent a musical identity. When the Canadian soldiers are walking down the streets, people can look and say, “Oh look, here come the Canadians coming,” because they have a Canadian Pipe Band in front of them.

(Two snare drummers and a bass drummer perform in front of a group of wounded Veterans.)

Sgt Buchanan: We also provided a concert for the wounded Veterans at a local hospital. That was something that was unplanned, came together at the last minute. One of the organizers, he saw our pipes and drums, and asked if we could come and play.

(The crowd cheers and claps.)

Sgt Buchanan: There was a group of French and German nurses, doctors and hospital staff, plus the wounded Veterans.

(A piper plays a song as the crowd sings along and claps.)

Sgt Buchanan: They loved us so much, they gave us a little present, a little parting gift.

I didn’t know much about Lourdes before I came here. It was a great experience to see the other bands from other countries, see their particular uniforms from their nations, hear their music, and also learn a few new songs as well.

(The Canadian contingent marches down a street. Several flags line the road. Cut to an indoor pipes and drums performance with other countries.)

Male voice: Yeah rock and roll! Whoo!

(The Canadian Army watermark appears onscreen, with text: “Strong. Proud. Ready.” Fade to the National Defense signature, then a Government of Canada wordmark.)



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