Aide-Memoire - Annex A - Travel Expenses

In accordance with references F, I and N, the travel expenses outlined below are authorized for honorary appointments.


  1. Travel expenses for attendance at official events may be reimbursed up to 35 days of travel per fiscal year in accordance with current directives such as Queen’s Regulations and Orders for the Canadian Forces (QR&O), Defence Administrative Orders and Directives (DAOD) when promulgated, Compensation and Benefits Instruction (CBI), and/or Canadian Forces Temporary Duty Travel Instruction (CFTDTI), and under the financial direction of the respective unit Commanding Officer (CO). Travel expenses are those actual and reasonable expenses that are incurred by honorary appointments in support of the authorized activities indicated above. These expenses include: 
    1. Lodgings. Honorary appointments are entitled to use lodgings listed in the white pages of the Government Hotel Directory and may also claim, and have approved locally, actual and reasonable hotel expenses for locations not listed in the directory. The Government Hotel Directory should be available from the unit’s orderly room. Requests for reimbursement of these expenses are to include original hotel receipts;

    2. Meals. Honorary appointments are entitled to claim the daily amount for meals. No receipts are required and reimbursement will be limited to the amounts that are authorized from time to time by Treasury Board for Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel.

    3. Incidental Expenses. These expenses are also authorized at a current per diem rate while occupying commercial lodgings and a fixed rate per day while occupying private accommodations. These per diem rates are subject to change on an annual basis.

    4. Taxi Fares. A member who uses a taxi, bus, or other local transportation on duty travel is entitled to be reimbursed actual and reasonable travel expenses and gratuities. The claim must be supported by a receipt; and

    5. Duty Travel On Service Air. Honorary appointments are authorized to utilize service air to attend official functions in accordance with reference F. The approving authority for travel on service air is the Commander of a Command or a National Defence Headquarters Branch Chief. Authority may be granted for spouses of honorary appointments to accompany the Honorary to attend official functions. The approving authority is the Vice Chief of Defence Staff (VCDS) and will normally be granted only twice during the tenure of appointment. Commercial air will not be authorized for spouses of honorary appointments if service air is not available.
  2. Commercial air is authorized where service air is not available where the unit CO deems it necessary. Honorary appointees are not entitled to Business Class air travel as they do not have employee status under the Treasury Board Travel Directive.
  3. For a more detailed explanation of travelling expenses, it is recommended that Canadian Forces Administrative Orders (CFAO) 209-13 and CFAO 209-14 be reviewed. If in doubt, consult with your local orderly room or claims office.



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