Canadian Army Journal (CAJ) Editorial Board

Peter Gizewski

Peter Gizewski is a Senior Defence Scientist with the Centre for Operational Research and Analysis (DRDC-CORA), Department of National Defence, and is currently serving as the Strategic Analyst to the Land Operational Research Team (LCDORT) in Kingston, Ontario. He was educated at the University of Toronto (Trinity College) and at Columbia University where he was a Department of National Defence fellow in Military and Strategic Studies, and a Columbia-MacArthur Fellow in Conflict, Peace and Security. Gizewski has worked for over 20 years as a foreign and defence policy analyst, holding research positions at the Canadian Institute of International Peace and Security (CIIPS), the Canadian Centre for Global Security (CCGS), the Trudeau Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, (University of Toronto), and the York Centre for International and Security Studies, (York University). He has taught international relations at Carleton University, Ottawa, and has published on a range of topics in the fields of foreign affairs, defence policy and international security. His most recent works include: Security Operations in the 21st Century: Canadian Perspectives on the Comprehensive Approach a volume he edited with Dr. Michael Rostek, as well as a number of studies of the future security environment and its implications for the Canada’s army.

Dr Craig Stone

Dr Craig Stone holds a BA in Economics from the University of Manitoba and an MA and PhD in War Studies from the Royal Military College of Canada. Dr Stone joined the academic staff at Canadian Forces College (CFC) as an Assistant Professor in the summer of 2005 after 29 years in the Canadian Forces, the last five at CFC in the Strategic Studies Directorate. Dr Stone became the Director of Academics in December of 2008. He teaches Strategic Resource Management and Formulating National Security Strategy on the National Security Programme, Defence Management on the Joint Command and Staff Programme and Defence Decision Making for the MA in Security and Defence Management and Policy programme.

As a military officer in the Royal Canadian Artillery, Dr Stone served in a variety of regimental positions in the First and Third Royal Canadian Horse Artillery regiments in Lahr, Germany and Shilo, Manitoba. Employment outside the Artillery included two years as Military Career Counselor and Operations Officer in St John’s Newfoundland, one year on the operations staff at the Fourth Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group Headquarters in Lahr, Germany, two years as the Executive Assistant to the Commander, Land Force Central Area, Toronto, and two years as a staff officer with Chief of Force Development and then with Director General Strategic Planning at National Defence Headquarters, Ottawa, Ontario. Dr Stone is a graduate of Canadian Land Forces Command and Staff Course 8801and Canadian Forces Command and Staff Course 21.

Professor Michael Hennessy, PhD.

Professor Michael Hennessy, PhD., is a professor of History and War Studies at the Royal Military College of Canada and Dean of the Division of Continuing Studies. He is a member of the International Institute of Strategic Studies (London and Washington), a member of the editorial board of the Canadian Military Journal and the journal Defense Studies (London). His written work includes Strategy in Vietnam: The Marines and Revolutionary War in I Corps, 1965-1972 (Praeger); and is coauthor or editor of The Operational Art: Developments in the Theories of War (Praeger); War in the Twentieth Century (Praeger), and War Without Fronts: A junior leader's COIN Reader, (CDA Press, forthecoming). He has military service in both the Artillery and Infantry.