2nd Canadian Division Training Centre

2nd Canadian Division Training Centre

About us

2nd Canadian Division Training Centre (2 Cdn Div TC) is located at 2nd Canadian Division Support Base Valcartier. 2 Cdn Div TC is responsible for providing basic training for certain military occupations and basic leadership training for non-commissioned officers for 2nd Canadian Division / Joint Task Force (East) (2 Cdn Div / JTF (E)).

2 Cdn Div TC also provides basic training for Reserve officers as well as a few specialized courses, such as basic sniper and close quarter combat instructor training.

2 Cdn Div TC also manages Reserve collective training at 2nd Canadian Division Support Base Valcartier and simulation training for the division with its Simulation Centre (SC). It also provides second language training and assessment at Valcartier Garrison through its Language Training Centre (LTC).


  • Collaborative. We are strongly passionate about the development of professional skills and the sharing of knowledge. We work in cooperation with the Divisional formations and the training authorities.
  • Constructive. Our team is dedicated and committed to high quality modern instruction and support for collective training in order to develop competent, motivated, and professional CAF soldiers and leaders.
  • Respectful. We advocate a respectful and inclusive environment which promotes learning for the soldiers and leaders of tomorrow.


To train high-quality soldiers by means of individual and collective instruction, so as to contribute to the force generation of 2 Cdn Div / JTF (E) and for the training of francophone Master Corporals in the CAF.

2 Cdn Div TC HQ

2nd Canadian Division Headquarters

How to reach us

2 Cdn Div TC HQ is located in building 133, 2nd Canadian Division Support Base Valcartier
Phone: 418-844-5000, Ext. 1777
Guard room: 418-844-5000, Ext. 7255


Postal address

2nd Canadian Division Training Centre
PO BOX 1000, Station Forces
Courcelette, QC  G0A 4Z0

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