3rd Canadian Division Exercises and Operations


3rd Canadian Division Exercises

Challenging and realistic training is the cornerstone of any professional Army. To maintain operational readiness soldiers of 3rd Canadian Division must continuously train both at the individual soldier level and collectively as an agile, adaptable and deployable team. Collective training events, also known as military exercises, can be of various compositions and generally include infantry, armour, artillery and combat engineers as well as other enablers and combat support services.

3rd Canadian Division conducts training on various military establishments across western Canada, including:

  • Wainwright, AB;
  • Suffield, AB; 
  • Shilo, MB;
  • Chiloctin BC.

Exciting training activities include mountain operations, Arctic operations, musketry, parachuting and adventure training. 

  • Exercise PROMETHEAN RAM 16 -  April, May 2016 - Exercise PROMETHEAN RAM is a live-fire exercise that verifies 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group’s offensive and defensive combat capabilities in a deployed environment.
  • Exercise COUGAR READY 16 - March, 2016 -  Exercise COUGAR READY 16 is a Canadian military disaster training exercise conducted in various areas in British Columbia in March, 2016.
  • Exercise UNIFIED RESOLVE - February 2016 - The Computer Assisted Exercise was designed to test the command and control capabilities of 1 CMBG as it progresses along the Road to High Readiness in preparation for potential national or expeditionary deployments.
  • Exercise ARCTIC RAM - February 2016 - Ex ARCTIC RAM ensures Canadian Army members are able to operate in extreme cold and harsh conditions in order to safeguard Canada’s sovereignty. Resolute Bay offers a significant high arctic location to deploy to, further testing CAF capabilities.
  • Exercise FIRST RUN - January 2016 - Members of the Arctic Response Company Group (ARCG) were out on the ice of Lake Winnipeg for Exercise First Run, preparing to go to Resolute Bay, Nunavut for Exercise ARCTIC RAM.
  • Exercise HEAVY METAL - October 2015 - was held at CFB Wainwright for The Calgary Highlanders members. The scope was Personal Weapons Test Level 3 Qualification and Live Pairs Fire and Movement.
  • Exercise HIGHLAND MARKSMAN - September 2015 - Was held at CFB Wainwright for The Calgary Highlanders members to requalify on a number of basic soldier skills including the C7 personal weapons tests .
  • Exercise WESTERN DEFENDER - August 2015 - Exercise WESTERN DEFENDER 15 is 3rd Canadian Division's major Reserve collective training event designed to ensure challenging Collective Field Training opportunities for the Primary Reserve soldiers and junior leaders within 3rd Canadian Division.
  • Exercise WESTERN GUNNER - August 2015 - held in Canadian Forces Base Shilo.
  • Exercise BISON WARRIOR - August 2015 - held in Canadian Forces Base Shilo.
  • Exercise COUGAR DESTROYER - August 2015 -  Exercise COUGAR DESTROYER is a 39 Canadian Brigade Group Brigade Training Event in Chilcotin, British Columbia
  • Exercise GRIZZLY DEFENDER - August 2015 - 41 Canadian Brigade Group is preparing to deploy troops to the field in August as part of a major Combined Training exercise called WESTERN DEFENDER 15.
  • Exercise PATRICIA ADVENTURE - June 2015 - Members of the 1st Princess Patricia's Light Infantry ( 1 PPCLI ) conduct adventure training, from 31 May to 5 June during Ex PATRICIA ADVENTURE in the Rocky Mountains, Alberta.
  • Exercise END TRAILS - May 2015 - On May 16th 2015, 6th Intelligence Company organized its second annual Exercise END TRAILS, an orienteering competition held in Squamish, British Columbia.
  • Exercise KAPYONG BUGLE - May 2015 - Exercise KAPYONG BUGLE, a bi-lateral training exercise conducted with 5 (UK) RIFLES in Paderborn, Germany.
  • Exercise HERAKLES RAM - April 2015 - Ex HERAKLES RAM allows teams of shooters to compete in a variety of events which promote marksmanship, small arms skills, and esprit de corps which are required for success in operations. Events include a tactical helicopter infiltration, CBRNE scenario, landing-zone establishment, an obstacle course, a march, field shooting, and lastly a shooting competition.
  • Exercise SPARTAN VARSITY - March 2015 - On March 19th, the Josephburg community was on hand to watch as approximately 125 soldiers from the 3rd Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (3 PPCLI) dropped from the sky during Exercise SPARTAN VARSITY.
  • Exercise CITADEL KLEBER - March 2015 - Approximately 30 soldiers from the Canadian Army’s 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (1 CMBG) based in Edmonton, Alberta, are taking part in Exercise CITADEL KLEBER at the Mourmelon Training Area in France.
  • Exercise ARCTIC BISON 2015 - February 2015 - On February 13, 150 soldiers of the Arctic Response Company Group (ARCG) embarked on what proved to be a true test of both character and equipment on the ice of Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  • Exercise GHOST RIDER - February 2015 - 1 Service Battalion (Svc Bn) conducted its second annual Mountainous Patrol Competition, Exercise GHOST RIDER in McBride, BC.
  • Exercise FRONTIER RIDER - February 2015 - Exercise FRONTIER RIDER served as confirmation for those who took part in Ex FROZEN RIDER.
  • Exercise FROZEN RIDER - January 2015 - 1 Service Battalion conducted its annual Basic Winter Warfare (Ex FROZEN RIDER) course in, surprisingly mild, Cold Lake, AB.
  • Exercise STRONG CONTENDER - January 2015 - Ex STRONG CONTENDER promotes friendly competition and esprit de corps through a variety of sports.

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3rd Canadian Division Operations

3rd Canadian Division’s first priority is defending Canada and Canadians, either at home or abroad. Soldiers of 3rd Canadian Division are responsible for domestic operations in western Canada from the Pacific Ocean to Thunder Bay, Ontario.

 At any time soldiers can be called up to maintain Canada’s sovereignty by providing land surveillance and combat-ready forces; contribute to collective defence of North America; provide armed and unarmed assistance to civil authorities when needed to maintain public order and security; and assist provincial and other authorities with natural disasters including earthquakes, floods, forest first and other emergencies.

Internationally, 3rd Cdn Div supports Canadian interests including United Nation, North Atlantics Treaty Organization and other multilateral operations, peacekeeping and humanitarian assistance.  

  • Op LENTUS 15-02 - July, 2015 - Following intense wildfires, The Province of Saskatchewan requested support from the Federal Government on 4 July, and on 5 July the CAF were asked to support provincial efforts in northern areas of Saskatchewan. As of 5 July, there were 110 actives fires in the province; 56 were greater than 100 hectares.
  • Op NUNALIVUT - April, 2015 - Op NUNALIVUT is a sovereignty operation conducted annually since 2007 in Canada’s North and includes members from the Third Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry.
  • Op REASSURANCE - Approximately 115 soldiers from the 3rd Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry “B” Company, and support staff conducted a series of joint training exercises in support of Op REASSURANCE from May to July in Poland and Latvia.
  • Op LENTUS 2014 - Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) deployed members to assist the Province of Manitoba in flood mitigation in July 2014, after a state of emergency was declared
  • Task Force 2-13 -  3rd Canadian Division soldiers presently in Afghanistan
  •  Op LENTUS 2013 - Southern Alberta Flood Assistance
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