Lieutenant-Colonel Carl Gauthier

‘Show the world’ Directorate of Honours and Recognition seeks to create military role models

‘The aim really is to create role models’: Behind the scenes at the Directorate of Honours and Recognition

Ottawa, Ontario — “Everything that goes on behind a medal is very involved. Most people don’t even know we exist as a directorate, let alone all the processes behind it. And perhaps it’s okay that people don’t know. They don’t need to know all the details in the background. What’s important is the effect in the end. The aim really is to create role models.”

Sergeant Moogly Tetrault-Hamel

Soldiers with braids – a matter of identity, tradition and pride

Ottawa, Ontario — Each morning, as my wife braids my hair, she seals her love and asks for protection from her ancestors. Growing my braid is a serious commitment. The traditional process is bound by many protocols, ceremonies and responsibilities. I have had to cut my hair a few times for traditional reasons. It always was a hard process and felt like my spiritual connections were being severed.

Working out

Under new directive, Army units increase role in recovery of ill and injured members

Ottawa, Ontario – When it comes to the care and support of ill and injured members, the Canadian Army (CA) believes that its soldiers deserve the highest level of service.

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