The Strathcona Mounted Troop prepares to perform in Moreuil Wood, France-Video

Video / January 18, 2019 / Project number: 18-0311


(Soldiers of the Strathcona Mounted Troop charge through a field on their horses, swords drawn.)

Captain Sean Coughlan: It was a phenomenal experience being able to go over to Moreuil Wood and re-enact the 100th anniversary of the charge at Moreuil Wood.

(Spectators are seen watching the mounted troop. Cut to Capt Coughlan speaking on camera. He is outside of a stable and a horse is seen in the faded background.)

Some of the biggest challenges that we had – there was obviously complications with quarantine and transport of our horses overseas, so we had to procure horses over there.

(Cut to horses in the stable. A caretaker moves to feed a horse.)

Finding a facility where you could acquire 20 horses ended up being an impossible task. We had to bring together horses from Belgium, Paris, as well as northern France, up by Normandy.

(Soldiers train while mounted on their horses in a barn. They move side-by-side in a line. Then they follow each other in a circle.)

There are certain moves that we require the horses to do that most horses just are not trained to do. So being able to get the trainers on side and working with the horses beforehand was key to being able to walk in there and mount up and within two, three days be good to go.

(The Strathcona Mounted Troop is on the field. A charge is called and they gallop forward.)

Being able to charge across a field that has so much historical importance to the Regiment has been absolutely astounding and very, very humbling.

(The Canadian Army wordmark appears on screen.)



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