Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Corps celebrates 75 years of innovation, integrity and tenacity at their Blue Beret Parade

News Release / May 15, 2019 / Project number: 19-0132

May 15, 2019 – Borden  – National Defence / Canadian Armed Forces

The Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (RCEME) celebrated its 75th anniversary during their national Blue Beret Parade held at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Borden on May 15, 2019.

After more than 75 years of innovation, integrity, and tenacity, the Corps of RCEME celebrated their heritage with a return to their roots. The RCEME Corps formally transitioned back to their historic blue beret, and was presented with their new camp flag to be flown at their Home Station at CFB Borden.

Along with serving Regular and Reserve force members and retirees, VIPs included senior representatives from RCEME’s sister corps from the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia. The parade was held in front of the Colonel Karen Ritchie building that houses the RCEME School, which is commonly referred to as the ‘Home Station’ by members of the Corps.  

The parade was broadcasted live to all RCEME units across Canada to enable all personnel to simultaneously take part in similar parades and events to both formally re-adopt their historically iconic blue beret, and promote esprit de corps among their membership and supporting communities.


“The Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers have a rich history of traditions and promoting service before self. In celebrating their illustrious heritage, the Corps has returned to the traditional blue berets worn by both their forebearers, and sister organizations such as the United Kingdom’s Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Their dedication to service remains invaluable to the Canadian Armed Forces’ ability to meet domestic and international obligations on behalf of Canadians.”

- Colonel John Errington, Commander, Combat Training Centre

“May 15, 2019, holds a special place in the hearts of all members of the Corps of Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers as we celebrate our 75th Anniversary. We proudly identify themselves as ‘the regiment of small units everywhere’ because our members serve with distinction across our country at various military bases, stations, and facilities. We will be celebrating our invaluable contributions to Canadian society, and the cherished relationships with their communities through numerous activities across Canada commencing in May of 2019.”

- Lieutenant-Colonel Yves Raymond, Commandant, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineer School

Quick Facts

  • The Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineer’s 75th Anniversary includes numerous national and regional activities to commemorate the Corps' rich heritage of professionalism and unwavering dedication to the Canadian Armed Forces both at home and abroad. The Blue Beret Parade serves as one of the central events in the Corps’ celebration of its roots. As an organization that proudly identifies itself as the regiment of small units everywhere, our hope is that the nation will join us in celebrating our invaluable contributions to Canadian society, and our cherished relationships with many communities and industries across Canada.
  • The Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineer’s Blue Beret Parade represents the Corps commitment to both recognizing and celebrating its brilliant historical heritage. This celebration includes the Corps’ re-adoption of their historical blue beret, as well as the presentation of a new camp flag at their Home Station, located at the Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineer School at Canadian Forces Base Borden.
  • The Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (RCEME) School provides Canadian Armed Forces members with specialized training to maintain and support land-based military equipment. With 200 military and civilian staff, the RCEME School offers 54 different technical courses for Regular and Reserve Force members, as well as apprentice, journeyman, and specialist training. With 450 students and over 1,800 annual graduates from all courses, the School is divided into four companies: Regimental Company, Vehicle Company, Artisan Company, and a Headquarters Company. The RCEME School is located at Canadian Forces Base Borden.

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Major Mark Giles
Public Affairs Officer, Canadian Forces Base Borden

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