Multinational soldiers embark on the International Military Pilgrimage in Lourdes, France-Video

Video / January 17, 2019 / Project number: 18-0211


(A crowd of spectators is gathered at the base of the stone steps leading up to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes in Lourdes, France. Along the steps are soldiers carrying the various flags of their nations. A banner is hung between where the two stairways meet: “PÈLERINAGE MILITAIRE INTERNATIONAL.”)

(Trumpet music is played, text appears on screen: “Lourdes, France / International Military Pilgrimage.”)

(Captain Monique Roumy, Chaplain, 32 Service Battalion, is on a street. Several pedestrians walk in the background.)

Capt Roumy: It’s beautiful to see individuals who’ve come in from different countries, who want to interact with others, who want to get to know others.

(Capt Roumy speaks to a crowd through a microphone. She is at the Marian shrine. A group of priests stand behind her.)

Capt Roumy: We pray for those who have died.  Lord hear us.

(The Crowd responds to Capt Roumy, “Lord…”)

Capt Roumy: It’s really awesome to see people who come here with the same purpose in mind.

(A large room is filled with spectators. Military contingents from dozens of countries are marching through the crowd, carrying their flags.)

Captain Cecilia Ho: We’re all here to bring peace. The sense of unity among 50 nations here, it’s just… amazing!

(Capt Ho is on a street, pedestrians walk past in the background. Cut to soldiers walking along a bridge and further along the river at night. Each soldiers is carrying a lantern.)

Capt Ho: I have been doing a lot of soul-searching and trying to find my spiritual journey and where I need to be. Who am I? And the meaning and purpose of my life in the Canadian Armed Forces.

There’s a lot of body, mind, and soul healing that needs to be done. This is an absolute great opportunity for me to do this.

(The soldiers gather in front of a large cross in front of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes. The ranks holding lanterns trail off into the distance. The crowd sings, “Ave, Ave, Ave Maria.”)

Capt Roumy: Lourdes in a way brings out those emotions, those feelings, those experiences. But, at the same time it’s an invitation to not just simply deal with them but to reconcile oneself to them.”

(The Canadian Army watermark appears onscreen, with text: “Strong. Proud. Ready.” Fade to the National Defense signature, then a Government of Canada wordmark.)



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