Ex MAPLE RESOLVE 18 - video

Video / April 6, 2018 / Project number: 18-0118


Rock music starts playing and plays throughout video.

It is summer and soldiers run alongside a parked armoured vehicle at daybreak.  They look focused and serious. More soldiers are running in and out of buildings, guns drawn, smoke from their weapons creating a haze around them. The soldiers are shouting commands to one another.

A group of soldiers is working together to load an artillery gun. A soldier yells "Fire" before they shoot the gun.

Armoured vehicles are driving across green and brown fields during the day. One drives down a dirt road, dust blowing everywhere. A soldier is looking out of an armoured vehicle, examining the surrounding landscape.

Soldiers are lined up inside a plane, working with the ropes above them. Soldiers are jumping out of the plane. A group of parachutes can be seen, falling toward the ground during twilight.

A soldier with a gun sits at the door of a flying helicopter. An aerial daylight shot shows a helicopter on a green field with soldiers around it. Smoke is emitting from somewhere, perhaps from a weapon.

A soldier sprays down an armoured vehicle with a hose in a muddy field, directed by another soldier in an orange vest.

Soldiers are in a field during the day, simulating a ground mission. They are wearing packs on their backs and helmets. The mood is serious. Some act injured and are covered in fake blood. Others are assisting them. A soldier kicks open the door of a small building and a group of soldiers enter. One soldier is wearing a large pack on his back and shoots from the window of the building he is in. Soldiers simulate fighting in a field. Smoke reduces visibility but the figures of soldiers can still be seen.

The silhouettes of soldiers are seen walking across a field. The sky is orange, indicating sunset.  Words appear on the screen. They say Exercise MAPLE RESOLVE 2018. May 13-24 in Wainwright, Alberta.

Fade to black. Fade to Title reading: Strong. Proud. Ready. Forts. Fiers. Prêts.

Fade to National Defence Identifier and copyright information. Fade to Canada wordmark.



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