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By Bombardier Alexander Beattie, Army Public Affairs

Ottawa, Ontario — Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) - Get out and Ruck originally started as a Facebook group to promote fitness within 33 Service Battalion. Created by Corporal Dan Lebel, a Supply Technician at the unit, and with the support of his chain of command and members from other units, Private Dave Jone, Master Warrant Officer Kris Carter, and Major Rob Baker, the group quickly grew to 1,700 service members across the country. The group has soldiers and veterans from all walks of life, be it a regular force member in Gagetown or a reservist in Vancouver. CAF - Get out and Ruck is bringing the military community together through fitness.

Created for the purpose of providing soldiers and veterans a forum where they can share fitness accomplishments, CAF - Get out and Ruck aims at providing support and advice to their fellow colleagues. Each week, the Facebook group hosts an official event (virtual) on Saturday morning at 7AM, in which soldiers have a minimum distance of 5 Km to cover with weight in their bags (how much you carry is up to you, however it is encouraged that is increased each week).

While other fitness activities are supported on the page (walking, running, paddling, etc), rucking is the primary focus. When we asked Cpl Lebel why rucking, he replied,“As my rucking teammate and friend Sergeant Adrian Woeldike explained to me when I first joined, being able to be self-reliant by carrying everything we need on our back is what sets us apart. Besides, regardless of what element you belong to everyone has a story good or bad about rucking on BMQ (Basic Military Qualification) or during an exercise, everyone does.”

Cpl Lebel realized that they were creating something special when Sergeant Erin Carter, winner of the Iron Warrior 2018, and currently serving in South Sudan, announced she would be participating in Get Out and Ruck with the Canadian contingent as well as members of the Swiss Military. Sgt Carter posted an inspirational message to the group:“If you are ever wondering if your accomplishment was “Badass enough” or “good enough” to post on this group. Stop thinking, the answer is YES.

Did you get out of bed today? Awesome

Did you walk around the block with your kids and dogs? Way to go

Did you go for a run, ruck, or a bike ride? Keep going…

Did you try and make yourself stronger than you were yesterday?


We are dealing with life in our own ways, so set a goal that YOU can achieve and crush them

Invite your friends and keep posting… remember every single post is inspiring.”

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