Mons, Belgium gifts an 18-pounder field artillery gun to Canada-Video

Video / January 9, 2019 / Project number: 18-0055

An 18-pounder field artillery gun sits in a room.

A hoist lifts the gun and then a flurry of work is done by a group of men to pack it.

First, the men slide a wood base underneath the gun. Then they remove the gun from the hoist. The men lock the wheels in place and pad them. Next, the men hammer pieces of wood in place to secure varying parts of the gun. Then they place the sides of a packing crate around the gun and hammer them in place.

When the packing process is done, three men push it outside and onto a truck.

The Canadian Army watermark appears onscreen, with text: “Strong. Proud. Ready.” Fade to a National Defence watermark, then a Canada watermark.



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