Backgrounder: Canadian Combat Support Brigade to complete transfer of command

Backgrounder / April 3, 2018 / Project number: 18-03-26-ccsb-toca-bk

Halifax, Nova Scotia — 5th Canadian Division’s Canadian Combat Support Brigade (CCSB) will be operating at full strength following a ceremony on April 5th at 5th Canadian Division Support Base (5 CDSB) Gagetown, marking the addition of three units to its formation.

The Canadian Combat Support Brigade

The CCSB is the Canadian Army’s (CA’s) newest brigade made up of two units from Gagetown, New Brunswick and three units from Kingston, Ontario. The CCSB is composed of both Regular and Reserve force soldiers that provide the CA with a wide range of key operational capabilities. CCSB soldiers are prepared to deploy in Canada and around the world to provide support capabilities to meet Canada’s defence objectives across all types of operations.

CCSB’s core mandate is to oversee the training and operations of the CA’s key operational enabling functions, namely:

  • Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance – the collection and management of information on the operational environment.
  • Information Operations – information-related activities that are planned and conducted to have behavioural effects in support of a mission.
  • Operational Support – elements of support that facilitate all forms of military operations including general support engineering and artillery. 

Formations and Units

Influence Activities Task Force

The Influence Activities Task Force (IATF) is the Functional Centre of Excellence to promote, enable, and synchronize Influence Activities (IA) capabilities in support of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) across all operations. The IATF generates IA forces, provides subject matter expertise to the CA and CAF, and supports the development of IA doctrine and training.

IA includes activities for which the primary purpose is to influence the understanding, perception and will of audiences. IA enablers include experts in Civil Military Operations and Psychological Operations.

Canadian Army Intelligence Regiment

The Canadian Army Intelligence Regiment (CA Int Regt) is responsible for the delivery of ground intelligence to meet operational and institutional requirements for the CA and CAF. The Regiment provides centralized control and coordination of key Army Intelligence personnel and resources providing advice/input on intelligence training, capabilities and doctrine development.  

4th Artillery Regiment (General Support)

4th Artillery Regiment (General Support) (4 Regt (GS)) is an Army Regular Force unit located at 5th Canadian Division Support Base Gagetown. 4 Regt (GS) enables CA operations with General Support Artillery assets through the generation of combat-effective, multi-purpose Coordination Centres (air support, fire support and surveillance and target acquisition); Divisional joint fires and targeting expertise; Small Uninhabited Aerial Systems; and Medium Range Radar expertise, in order to meet Canada’s defence objectives.

4 Engineer Support Regiment

4 Engineer Support Regiment (4 ESR) is comprised of some of the Army’s best combat engineers across the spectrum of close and general engineer support. The Regiment is trained and ready to deploy on short notice to support Canadians at home, fight against an enemy abroad, and all possibilities in between. The soldiers and officers of 4 ESR maintain a high level of technical and tactical knowledge and ability that supports the CA’s efforts to achieve mission success.

21 Electronic Warfare Regiment

21 Electronic Warfare Regiment (21 EW Regt) exists to provide trained Army Electronic Warfare operators and support personnel to the CAF. Electronic Warfare involves the interception, location, analysis and jamming of a potential enemy’s communications on the modern battlefield. 21 EW Regt is the only Reserve Electronic Warfare squadron within the CAF that is a part of a Regular Forces regiment. This allows excellent opportunities for the unit and its members to train, exercise and deploy with both Regular and Reserve Force units throughout the country and voluntarily deploy overseas.

5th Canadian Division

5th Canadian Division is comprised of both Regular and Reserve Force units in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland & Labrador. It is responsible for Canadian Army operations and activities throughout Atlantic Canada and its newly formed Canadian Combat Support Brigade provides the Canadian Army with unique combat support enablers drawn from units from coast to coast.

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