Exercise COMMON GROUND II 2019

Hundreds of soldiers have arrived at 5th Canadian Division Support Base Gagetown (NB) from across Canada to participate in Exercise COMMON GROUND II 2019 from November 12-26.

Hosted by the Combat Training Centre’s Tactics School, Exercise COMMON GROUND II 2019 is the Army’s largest individual training event. It represents a culmination of progressive, intensive, and realistic training to ensure the Army continually enhances its warfighting capabilities and lethality. This exercise is supported by Canadian Armed Forces personnel from across Canada, including elements of 5 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group from Valcartier (Quebec).

Exercise COMMON GROUND II 2019 is vital to the Army’s mandate to produces a strong, proud and increasingly lethal force for future operations. It exposes our members to the doctrine and inherent strengths of the Combined Arms Team within a Battle Group’s context, including the enabling-capabilities of its various components.

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