RCEME 75th Anniversary

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The Regiment of small units everywhere


In 2019, the Corps of Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (RCEME) will be celebrating its 75th Anniversary. In celebrating this historic occasion, the Corps is conducting a number of projects and activities that will be taking place in RCEME establishments across Canada and around the world.

The Corps of RCEME are a branch of the Canadian Army that includes innovative and highly skilled members that maintain technical equipment across the full spectrum of Canadian Armed Forces operations. They fulfill numerous roles such as material, electro-optical, vehicle, and weapons technicians. The Corps of the RCEME officially came into existence on May 15, 1944, and their professionalism, dedication to service, and technical expertise have enabled the Canadian Armed Forces to continue to meet it mandate to protect Canadian interests at home and abroad for over 75 years, and into the future.

With their rich history of traditions and promoting of service before self, members of the RCEME Corps, both past and present, have been actively employed across the country, and deployed abroad on countless operations. Their dedication to service remains invaluable to the Canadian Armed Forces ability to meet domestic and international obligations on behalf of Canadians. In support of Canadian Armed Forces operations, these ‘Soldier Technicians’ continue to live up to their motto “Arte et Marte” – “By Skill and by Fighting.”

May 15, 2019, holds a special place in hearts of the members of one Corps of the Canadian Army in particular, as the RCEME will be celebrating their 75th Anniversary. Their members proudly identify themselves as the ‘Regiment of small units everywhere,” as their personnel serve with distinction across our country at various military bases, stations, and facilities. They will be celebrating their invaluable contribution to Canadian society, and the cherished relationships with their communities through numerous activities across Canada commencing in May of 2019.

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