Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre (CMTC)


Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre will facilitate the design and execution of immersive collective training opportunities for the Canadian Armed Forces in order to provide a realistic and challenging full spectrum, contemporary operating environment which enables learning and confirmation for designated high readiness forces.


Saving Lives Through Complex Training.


Commander - P.H.G.H. Robichaud, MSM, CD

Colonel P.H.G.H. Robichaud, MSM, CD

Sergeant Major

Sergeant Major - Chief Warrant Officer C.J. Robin, CD

Chief Warrant Officer C.J. Robin, CD


Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre  was established to provide an immersive training centre for Canadian Armed Forces.  During the high operational tempo of Afghanistan, Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre  was the site for final confirmatory training of soldiers prior to deployment.

The use of Contemporary Operating Environment Forces (COEFOR) enables representation of a fully populated battle space as required.  This population can include civilians, local police forces, insurgent forces, allied military forces and conventional enemy armies.

Observer Controller Trainers (OCT) act as training event advisors and referees.  Observer Controller Trainers will observe the forces in battle to provide feedback and advice to improve operational effectiveness.

Weapons Effect Simulation technology tracks the battlefield effectiveness of soldiers.  This system not only confirms weapon accuracy but can also be used to replicate battlefield injuries and the first aid treatment required.

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