Train with Us – Course Candidate information – 5 CDTC

Courses Conducted at 5 CDTC

We primarily conduct Non-commissioned Members (NCM) Developmental Period (DP) level 1 and 2 courses along with an Officer DP level 1course. The below table identifies the courses we typically conduct and their duration.


DP LevelCourse NameDuration
DP 1 PRes Basic Military Qualification (BMQ) 23 Days
  PRes BMQ-Land 12 Days
  BMQ-Land 20 Days
  DP1 Infantryman 35 Days
  DP1 Armoured 28 Days
  DP1 Artilleryman 13 Days
  DP1 ACISS 44 Days
DP 2 Infantry Weapons Detachment Member 6 Days
  CAF Primary Leadership Course (PLQ) - Residency 24 Days
  Army Juniors Leaders Course (AJLC) 15 Days
  Infantry Junior Leaders Course (IJLC) 22 days
  Advanced Small Arms Course (ASA) 31 Days
O-DP 1 Officer, Basic Military Officers Qualification – Army (BMOQ-A) 50 Days

Course Joining Instructions

Joining instructions for courses conducted at 5 CDTC (Gagetown) can be found here. (Only available internally and English only)

Joining instructions for courses conducted at 5 CDTC (Aldershot) can be found here . (Only available internally and English only)

Reporting in

For the candidates of courses conducted at our CFB Gagetown location, you will report in to the Course/Duty staff at Building M-5. For those candidates of courses conducted at Det Aldershot, NS, you will report in to the Duty staff at Building 216.

Note: You must be reported in no later than 18:00 hours the night before your course starts.


All Course accommodations are barrack style rooms (3 to 12 per room), segregated by gender.

Typical Daily Routine

The below table outlines a typical day of training while on course, in garrison. Classes are generally 40 minutes long with a 10 minute break in between. Most weekends are off unless conducting field activities.


0530 Reveille (Wake-up call)
0540-0610 Group Physical Fitness Training
0630-0730 Breakfast
0730-0800 Room Inspection
0800-1200 Morning Classes/Instructional Activities
1200-1300 Lunch
1300-1630 Afternoon Classes/Instructional Activities
1630-1800 Supper
1800-2300 Study time/Personal maintenance/Kit Cleaning/Station Jobs
2300 Lights out

 Are you Ready to Train With Us?

Consider these question;

  • Are you physically, mentally and emotionally ready for your course?
  • Have you brushed up on your basic soldiering skills?
  • Do you know what the training involves on your course?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, these tips may assist you;

  • Check out the “Mission Ready” site to assist you in your preparations;
  • Go to the “DFIT” site to either develop a physical fitness program or follow one of the existing programs; 
  • Request refresher training/pre-course training from your home unit;
  • Talk to soldiers in your unit that have previously take the course you will be taking or ask to have the course explained to you by your next level of leadership.

Do you feel more prepared for your course now? Don’t worry if you still feel a little nervous, everyone else taking the course probably feel the same way.

Remember you will be trained by the best Instructors in the 5 Cdn Div.




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